Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Monarchy Christian Intermarium

Monarchy Christian Intermarium is in statu nascendi. We have been elevated to sovereignty in accordance with the Old Catholic principles in 2016. In international relations, our Sovereignty already recognized our right to international representation by virtue of the decrees of Catholic churches. Our mission is: 1. helping Christians round the world, 2. built a unions between the people of central Europe on a Christian foundation.

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Minister of Foreign Affairs Monarchy Christian Intermarium
His Excellency Honorly Title Prince Aleksander Jan Giedroyc.

Correspondence address:
Administrator Monarchy Christian Intermarium
ul. Jagodna 3 Jagodne
12-200 Pisz, Poland

Diplomatic Mail: Special Diplomatic Courier picks up in Warsaw, Poland - please notify us by e-mail.


Please feel free to ask questions.The information sent by the form is sent directly to the Office of the Minister.