1. The Monarchy Christian Intermarium is a state erected on Canon Law. The Monarchy is constitutional, limited and hereditary, with its own Citizens and plays independence resulted from the Monarchy’s Sovereign.
2. As a subject of international law of special type without territory our mission is to:
A. cherish the values of God and Christianity and the State of Law,
B. observe law, freedom and justice in the name of God,
C. protect the Christianity from dangers and attacks,
D. keep the state order established to protect innate laws of the God’s Child,
E. help, in the Christian spirit, people in need or rejected by societies,
F. build on Christian ground the union of Intermarium States –Intermarium Union M. CH. I..
3. To confirm the erection of the Monarchy Christian Intermarium and recognition of its rights we attach to this Statement (1) a Decree of the Church Senior His Excellency Bishop of the National Catholic Church in Poland Adam Rosiek in the date of 12th of November 2016, and (2) a Decree of the Head of the Mission of the Eglise de France des Gaules in Ukraine, Moldova and Poland His Eminence Archbishop Vikentyi. (3) Memorandum from 7th April 2017 signed with the International Human Right Commission to accentuate that our actions are pure and focused on the human rights protection as well.
4. Our mission is, above all things, is to help others. Awarding honours to our donors is one of the reasons of the Monarchy’s origins. As an example of our activities I would like to mention a contract on the charitable help signed in form of an Ordonnance from 24th of September 2017 with His Excellency Prelate Czesław Wala, concerning the Nationwide Deaf-Mute House in Rudnik on San construction aid, Poland.