Special Envoy

The Monarchy Christian Intermarium is in “statu nascendi”. We have been elevated to sovereignty in accordance with the Old Catholic principles since 2016. In international relations, our Sovereignty and right to international representation by virtue of the decrees of Catholic churches is already recognized.
Our mission is:
1. To an assist Christians around the world; and
2. Build unions between the people of central Europe.
We are a Christian sovereign community organized as a State and statehood is necessary to fulfil our mission.
The Special Envoy will operate only in the area of promotional activities regarding the Monarchy. Special Envoy consists of a 3 person office.

Current Special Envoy Missions

No current mission.

Finished Special Envoy Missions

  • Special Envoy for Australia - Jerzy Gier. Start: 10 April 2019. Finished: 8 July 2019.